We are a collective of Happy Hobby Jogga's Bloggers (Try saying that 10 times when you are drunk), who have come to realise that running is about having fun and smiling. Our aim is to enlighten the running community that the new "cool" in running are not numbers but enjoying the journey our legs can take us.

Here are a collection of posts from various writers that show what running (or walking, skipping, dancing, Zumba-ing) really means to us.

You can join the "Run Smiley" collective in two ways. You can submit articles, photo's and web-links to be placed here.  Also, you can tag your own "Running with a Smile" blog posts with the blog-tag "Run Smiley" and "Run :)".

We welcome posts by anyone who shares our take on running. If you want to submit a post then please email "The Run Smiley Collective" Administrator at:  admin@runsmiley.com

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and be a part of "The Run Smiley Collective"!