The Run Smiley Collective are a  group of writers - Our aim is to enlighten the running community that the new "cool" in running are not numbers but enjoying the journey our legs can take us. We don't all have to run to get to that final destination.

And before you all go... but doesn't Brooks shoes have a similar advertisement campaign? Yeah, they do, but we were here first baby! In 2011 'The Run Smiley Collective' was established. Years before Brooks got here. We don't have the powerhouse of a shoe company, which was ironic, because many of the founding members were barefoot runners.

I have had a purge and I am asking old members re come back if they wish, and new ones to come forward. If you are interested in joining our merry band of scoundrels, then email me:
Kate -- admin@runsmiley.com
... and we will welcome you to our fortress, where we sit and tell tall-tales, and drink whatever beverage we happen to have.