Saturday, November 26, 2011

Play Smiley: Response 1

Like Kate, I've been pretty silent on this site for a while. I've been running a lot, but it hasn't been terribly "smiley" -- training for an ultra-marathon isn't the most smiley of affairs. Oh, I've been enjoying it, but the sheer amount of running I'm doing and the fact I'm squeezing in runs before and after work in the dark and during drizzly snow-storms makes most of my runs more utilitarian than smiley. While "learning to find the joy in monotony and misery" is certainly part of the art and philosophy of Run Smiley, I feel I've written that to death. There's also the fact that two kids plus teaching a new curriculum at a new high school on top of all that running leaves little time for keeping up my own blog, let alone contributing here, and again, my posts on "When I talk About Running" haven't been my smiliest. If you want to read about my limping through the Brooklyn Marathon, you can, but I certainly wasn't smiling towards the end.

Anyway, the point is that I'm taking up Kate on her challenge to post some smiley play in the place of smiley running. Okay, I'm just taking advantage of a chance to force videos of my kids on the general populace, but what else are parents good for? For added bonus points, I was playing BAREFOOT, which I think has to count for something around these parts : )

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