Saturday, November 26, 2011

Playing Smiley

My "Running Smiley" situation hasn't been happening much lately.  My long-standing knee injury with occasional relapses has meant that I am lucky to run more than a couple of miles a week.  However, I am not a girl to be taken down by the misfortunes of life.  I will not give up the "smiley" part of my life.

So this post is just to say, that in all things make sure you do them "smiley".  "Running Smiley" shouldn't be tied to just running.  If you can't run, then ensure you do something else that makes you smile.

Here in Vancouver, we have had a series of early winter storms and this has created a new passion in my life.  To me, snow means playtime, and so I have spent the last few weekends regressing decades and letting my inner kid out to play.  It's been fantastic!  This has been my "Running Smiley"; hiking in the snow, jumping in the drifts, making snow-balls and snow-angels with my family.  Just to show how much fun we are having, find the photo's below.  I dare you not to smile when you see them.

So here is my Challenge:  Go and find an activity - doesn't have to be running.  Release your inner child and take a photo.  Post it here.  Let's make Running Smiley, more universal.  Let's make our lives "Playing Smiley"

Now Go, Take up my Challenge and Play Smiley.


  1. Love it! My running smiley sucks lately as well, so I've been baking smiley. Maybe I should try swimming smiley or something instead, since I'll be wearing plaid for the next month. LOL


  2. Photo's please! Let's make the next month a "Playing Smiley" month.

  3. Challenge accepted -- I'm uploading a video to youtube right now. I've just been thinking that you and I have both been pretty silent on both the personal blog and the run:) front lately. I've been doing lots of running, just none of it seemed terribly "smiley" per se. So play it is . . .