Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Run or Walk. Fast or Slow. It's all Good

[Plenipotentiary Note:  We had this post sent to us from Melissa who writes for her blog "Disciplined Indulgence".  You can find the original post here]

Run, Walk, Hop, Skip, Jog, or Crawl
Miles are miles
As long as you enjoyed the journey,
there is no way I will judge how you got there...
and neither should you.
: )

Sunday, May 15th, 2011
I enjoyed a rainy day, cheering on my wonderful man and many others
who were participating in the Pasadena Marathon.
Mister AC smiles while running in the rain during the Pasdena Marathon
(Gotta love the foggy/rainy camera effects)
; )

I especially love to cheer for the walkers who are nearing the finish line
becuase many of them think they don't measure up
to the runners flying past them.
Other than the regular cheering of
good job, you're almost there, and the usual, I also say things like:
"Walkers take it slow cuz it feels good-just ask their girlfriend/boyfriend"
"Walkers get their money's worth by being out there longer"
"Walkers need love too"

Everyone smiles when they hear a cheer for them especially the walkers!

This little tid-bit kinda broke my heart
I was cheering on a group of runners who were speeding by,
when a group of walkers came into view.
I started cheering for them too.
I noticed they were all looking at the runners and didnt look too happy. 
I said "looking good you guys, you're almost there, you should be proud!"
One woman who was wearing a 1/2 marathon bib, shook her head and said "we're just walking."
I said
You've just covered 13 miles!
She said
But we just walked. We didn't Run. Runners are better.

I just stood there. Stunned. Sad.
Sad she felt that way. Sad, that instead of being proud of the fact that she just covered 13 miles
(while not being a spring chicken nor being especially fit)
she decided to compare herself to the people running.

Many people I know feel pressured to Run
Thinking that as a walker, they are not "good enough".

To any runner, the following questions may appear to be silly
but to a person who isn't confident with their physical abilities or who have heard too many times things like "running is bad for your body"
(remember, running isn't bad for your body, people are bad to their body)
they are good, solid questions.

When someone comes to me and asks
How do I start running?
I want to learn to run, what should I do?
Do you think I could ever run?

I don't answer right away. First,  I ask
Why do you want to run? Is a bear chasing you? You afraid of something?

People have many reasons why they want to start running
And all that matters is that you want to start.
Everyone has different goals.
Whether you're fast, slow, go long or short distances, like roads, treadmills, or trails...as long as you enjoy it, and continue to enjoy it, just keep enjoying it!

The best way to start running
Put one foot in front of the other, pick up the pace, and keep going!
Never feel pressured to run.
Some people prefer to enjoy the slow pace of walking because it affords a person the time to see, smell, and hear things
that can be missed while one is running.
Some people prefer running because of the speed, the freedom,
and the excitement.

How much, how fast, and how far you run is up to you!
Some people try it for a while and never really get into it.
Others take to it like a duck to water and you just can't stop them.
Some dabble in it whenever it fits into their schedule.
No matter what one's relationship with running turns into, there is enough room and respect on the road for everyone
as long as everyone is respecting themselves.
All that matters is that we put one foot in front of the other and enjoy every step.


  1. Thank you for this post, Katie. My eyes welled up because you nailed it for me. I'm going to walk smiley and not feel 'less than' anyone because I'm not running.

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  3. Sorry, didn't realise the previous comment came out as me and not "Run Smiley Admin"..

    Here's a re-post with some re-editing to make it clearer *laugh*

    We really need to thank Melissa - she wrote this awesome article.

    We all have to start (and in some cases - like me- re-start) somewhere. We should celebrate every step we take no matter how long that step takes us.

  4. Melissa tried to post a comment, but it wouldn't work (the internet is a fickle mistress sometimes). She sent me the comment she wanted to post and I am posting it on her behalf.


    Wow, thanks Kim and Katie!

    It really means so much to me. I happen to be one of the slow pokes who sometimes gets moments of Fasty-pants-fever, but no matter what, I am just happy to be able to move.
    I had a accident that split the end of my femur, crushed my knee cap, and ended a fantastic dance career.
    I love to hike and run because I CAN. Maybe not fast, like many, but I can get out there and have fun!
    I hope to "run" into y'all someday soon.
    Big hugs and smiles!