Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sweet Sweet Telephone Pole Shadow of Shady Goodness

Since here in Hawaii we don't believe in this "winter" some of the rest of you have it was pretty warm out the road today. Due to the warmth I decided I needed to document something I've noticed and I hope other runners have as well: The Sweet Sweet Telephone Pole Shadow of Shady Goodness.
I love you, Telephone Pole Shadow
You see, dear friends, there isn't a whole lot of shade on my normal run. I have to take what I can get. And what I can get in my last mile is evenly spaced telephone poles. Run at the right time of day, approx. 4pm it looks like, and you get shadows that line up juuuust right. Now, does this actually help? I wouldn't bet the money Tebow stole from me last Sunday on it. The temperature difference, if there is one at all, can't be more than a degree or two. But that's in real life. Runners do not run in real life. We run in Runner's World (we even have a magazine). And in Runners World shadows = shade = ahhhh, much better for the three second it takes to run through the shadows. Yes, I aim for the shadow. I run to it. And while I'm doing it I think, "This is so silly. There's no way this ahhhhhhhh, that's the stuff, I love you Telephone Pole shadawww it's gone."
Note: Street Sign Shadows deserve no love. Observe:
Fail, Street Sign Shadow. Fail.


  1. I believe in telephone pole shadows! I had to stand in the sun during a fundraiser this past fall. The telephone pole shadow was considerably cooler.

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