Monday, January 16, 2012

Taunting the Emergency Room

So today, I decided to ignore my running clinics advice and I went for a run.  I was feeling rotten and was planning only a 2 mile loop.  The route was so beautiful in the snow --snow is unusual for Vancouver -- that I popped back to the car and picked up my camera.  I was of course forced to stop occasionally and take photo's.

The trail was quite deceptive.  A few days of snow-> thaw->freeze->snow, meant that there was a thin layer of ice over all of the trail and then a light dusting of snow over the top.  As the trail was rocky to start off with, this was an feat of bravery.  I am so glad I am a minimalist runner as I am not sure I would have managed the two loops without proprioception.  Barefoot runners are not perturbed  by ice.

Ice just allows the run to be more fun.  This trail was such a blast I am going to try and break myself tomorrow. ;)

Here are some of the photo's I took from my run.  Enjoy them and let's hope the trail is as much fun when I go back tomorrow.


  1. Awesome, nothing like a good snowy trail run, with a splash of ice, or a tinkle.

  2. The most I've gotten was a hike through the snowy fields but it was grand, Ice Smiley