Monday, January 16, 2012

Why You Must Give To The Raramuri

Pretty much everybody knows by now that I will be running the Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon in a couple weeks. It is a great adventure for me and a rare opportunity to meet the People and the place that has inspired my running for years. It’s downright extraordinary.

Every once in a while, I've asked for some donations to either help me finance my adventure and to bring some much-needed support to the Tarahumara (their real name is Raramuri) community. I have already used a good chunk of my own money to purchase some of the corn vouchers that the local runners will earn for themselves and their family at the event. A few friends and fellow runners have also pitched in, and I’m very thankful for their help.

But I need to do much better. We received very bad news this weekend about Raramuri people starving because of the severe draught Northern Mexico has been experiencing. There is a lot of distress and, for once, it’s absolutely possible to do something that really helps, right now.

So far, I was able to gather 700$, which I have decided to use 100% to contribute to the food support program for the Raramuri. I’ll travel on my own money. I want to take this into the thousands of dollars. Help me.

About 9 people have contributed to the “Contribute to the Dream” campaign, to date. I am humbly asking that ALL readers of this blog, fellow runners and everyone who can afford it make a donation, no matter how small. Only $25 buys a full costale (50kg) of corn. You don’t have $25? Donate $10.

How often were you offered the chance to really help someone in need? I’m not talking about some obscure, bureaucratic charity that spends 80% of your money in “administration” fees. I’m talking about a local initiative, where no one is paid, that uses the entire amount of contributions they receive to get food and resources for the people.

On February 4, I’ll leave Montreal with as much money in my pocket as I humanly can. I’ll travel down into the canyons and hand that money myself, directly to Caballo Blanco and the people that run the organization Norawas de Raramuri. I want some of these dollars to be YOUR dollars.

Because someone where I’m going is hungry. Because the great Running People of the canyons have inspired so many with their culture and unique way of life. Because every single person I know can afford at least a costale or two. Because it’s unacceptable to let a fellow human suffer. Because, for once, there IS something real we can do.

And most of all, because we are one.

Don’t click away from this.


UPDATE. We have gathered 1,000 kilos-worth of maize in 2 days. Thank you so much, and please help spread the word. I aim at several thousand kilos.

I will update the results of the campaign on Twitter until my departure for the Canyons, on February 4. Follow me at @flintportable !


  1. Done and Done, I wish it could be more, have a great run.

    Kuira Ba.

  2. Bob,

    Thanks to you and other generous readers, we have added 1,000 kilos of maize to the relief fund. This is genuine korima! Thank you so much.