Tuesday, May 31, 2011

into the "woods"

all of the beautiful little videos that circle the interwebs highlighting remote mountain vistas, canyons and picture perfect meadows got me thinking. i sort of started to feel bad about my little boring piece of nature right in my own neighborhood - like it wasn't good enough to run there and enjoy! and then i got mad and wrote a little blog about being happy with what's outside the front door - free and accessible to each of us! it can be found here. the one bit i forgot to add was that all of this dirt hunting is to be completed with a SMILE!


  1. I read your post and it's beautiful Shelley. I posted there too, but you were so right that the nature regardless of where it is or what it's place against is STILL nature. The photo's you showed were not boring bits of nature; they were a place you loved and it showed. That beats stupendous views on any mountain top!

  2. Boring? There was nothing boring about your post. :)

  3. Its serendipitous that we posted at roughly the same time, since what you have to say so nicely complements the ideas in mine: running is about the experience, be that the peaks of the cascades, the trail out your back-door or the sidewalks of Harlem. All too often, without even realizing it, we allow the expectations and experiences of others to dictate our reality. My 5K, your 50 mile, her college track, his Western States: they are all running, and all can be miserable, or all can be joyous.