Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Our new Logo

So this isn't QUITE about running and smiling, however, I have had a huge grin on my face since seeing the artwork Krista Cavender (or Zapmamak) made for us.

This blog is a collective -a collaboration- which essentially means there is no-one in charge. In setting up this blog I have only made 2 editorial decisions.

The first was to invite bloggers I knew who share the "Run Smiley" ideology to come and post.  (The list will be growing so watch this space).

The second was to chose the logo.  Initially, I was going to put the logo out for a vote, but after seeing Krista's logo, I had a dream.  Literally, I DID have a dream.  I dreamt of her logo and something to do with Eggs.  I wish I could remember more, because that sounds like a kick-ass dream, however I do remember I was laughing so much I woke up.  After that, I knew, that Krista's logo had to stay.  If it made me laugh and smile whilst I was unconscious, then I knew it was right for this blog.

Some of the logo's are below.  I hope you agree. I also hope to see them dotted on various interweb pages in the near future.

I hope you indulge my whims.  If you don't, then please take it up with management.  Oh wait, there isn't any.. Hehehehe; how sweet is my plan?


  1. Hi Katie, I love everything in this idea of a Run smiley collective. While I'm not a writer and won't have much to contribute, I will be an avid reader. Can I use the logo on a t-shirt, temp tattoo, sticker, Sharpie scribble....or is there some sort of license? Maybe I'll also ask Zapmamak.
    You guys always put a smile on my face, thanks!

  2. This is a brilliant idea! I can't wait to read about everyone's fun runs. I know Krista's video made me laugh. And yes! We need shirts or window stickers or something! Can I use the Run Smiley logo on my blog?

  3. Jen, we are looking for authors, email the admin address on the side and I will send you an invite. I'll then send you the links to the logo files. You can then link to the Run Smiley Blog.

  4. I am new to blogging (about running/fitness, that is), but can I put the logo on my sidebar to spread the word?

  5. Yep feel free. We like spreading the word.. we like drinking beer more, but this is a close second ;)