Sunday, May 29, 2011

Who Are "The Run Smiley Collective"?

The Run Smiley Collective are a  group of bloggers (mainly from the barefoot/minimalist running community).   Our aim is to enlighten the running community that the new "cool" in running is not numbers but enjoying the journey our legs can take us. Our current members/authors are as follows:

  • Krista Cavender, a.k.a zapmamak
  • Robin Robinson, a.k.a Norm Deplume
  • Katie Kift, a.k.a. KittyK (Barefoot Runners Society)
  • Angela Holtz, a.k.a. Angie Bee (Barefoot Runners Society)
  • Vanessa Rodriguez, a.k.a VanessaRuns
  • Patrick Sweeney, a.k.a. Bourbonfeet
  • Christian Peterson, a.k.a The Maple Grove Barefoot Guy (Barefoot Runners Society)
  • Doug Robertson, a.k.a Dirtbag (Barefoot Runners Society)
  • Jesse Scott, a.k.a Jesse (Hobby Jogga's)
  • Ryan Hansard, a.k.a Fun Running Ryan (Hobby Jogga's)
  • Swami Kahn
  • Robert Shackelford, a.k.a. shacky
  • Nora Mancuso, a.k.a Ti-living… together WAS Mammarunsbarefoot
  • Lou Rantin
  • Shelly Robillard, a.k.a. ShellBel (Hobby Jogga's)
  • Jason Robillard a.k.a. Last Place Jason (Barefoot Running University) (Barefoot Runners Society)(Hobby Jogga's)
  • Shelley Viggiano, a.k.a ShelleyV (Mind the Ducks 12 hour Ultra RD)
  • Chris Van dyke, a.k.a The Urban Trail Runner
  • TJ Gerken, a.k.a. Barefoot TJ, (President of the Barefoot Runners Society)
  • Neil Zeller, a.k.a Barefoot Neil
  • Bob Redding, a.k.a. the Downtown runner
  • Dave Robertson, a.k.a. Dave the Naked runner.
  • jennifer packer, a.k.a Jen
  • Larry Gibbons, a.k.a Barefoot Larry (Barefoot Runners Society)
  • Katie Button-Swenson (Barefoot Runners Society)
  • Stephanie Rose, a.k.a. 1972Roses
  • Lava Runner, a.k.a Scott Scooter Schneider

So as NOT to cheese them off.  These are people who we are hoping to be part of the collective but they haven't accepted their blogger invite yet!   *points fingers in a "don't blame me" kind of way*
N.B If those below HAVEN'T received their invites OR, the invite doesn't work, please contact  Blogger seems to be a little temperamental.
  • Nat Wolfe (Barefoot Runners Society)
  • Janine Schwab (Barefoot Runners Society)

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