Thursday, July 21, 2011

Another View About Town

Work was making me grumpy because I wasn't getting a chance to go out and run. I informed my husband that despite chores, weather or breakfast requests from the kids, I was going to go running in the morning.

I had that moment of panic where I hadn't run in a week or so and would I still be able to do it? I had to rely on the old teachings given to me from a million experienced runners. Just go out for a mile and chances are it'll turn into more.

It was completely true. When I hit that 3/4 of a mile turn either back home or into town, I was ready to go for a whole lot more. The tingling asphalt promised me an invigorating run. I was working hard but feeling great. No longer could I feel the panic of losing my runners edge. You might even say I was smiling!

I took one of my old boring routes so the view isn't all that refreshing. The run was all the refreshment I needed. On my way back home, I came up on the block housing my favorite church in town. It's the kind of church that a little girl can imagine a fairy tale wedding in. I was taking in every detail when I realized I could stop, take a picture and share another view of my town with the runners. Not every view in town is refreshing but I can still appreciate the views I've got.


  1. Beautiful church! I love when running gives me back what I so need.

  2. We all know that runner's panic!! It is so funny that we all feel the same way...a beautiful church and a beautiful run!!