Saturday, July 30, 2011

Found my first Run :)/Smiley tag...

So I was bored on a Saturday night, trying to work out how best to tag the sidewalk with chalk over the next week. Then I found this.  My first random websearch find of someone (who's not identified themselves as part of the Collective, but who is a silent observer) who tagged his blog Run :)/Run Smiley.

Importantbutnotall from Lake Superior.  We found ya!


  1. Ok, I admit to being a long time lurker. I saw the creation of run smiley and have fully embraced it. Shortly after that post I ran to the grocery store to get cream (we ran out) and I remember thinking "you know what, she is right". I have felt like a part of it since, just not officially.

  2. Know how you feel, man! I posted a bunch of stuff in an unofficial capacity before finally "getting official". But I realized right away that this isthe kind of thing where being official is cool but not mandatory. :)