Friday, July 22, 2011

I need idea's people!

Has anyone got any cool idea's they would like The Collective to do?  Is there anything you would like to see on the site?  We have a few idea's, some of which we may be launching in the next couple of weeks.

Also, I am currently going under the moniker "The Run Smiley Collective Administrator".  Frankly typing that first thing in the morning before coffee, OR late at night after wine is a pain in the *cough*.. well, you know.  So what cool title could I go under?  Any funny job titles would be appreciated.  Please keep it clean (ish) and something to reflect my general awesomeness.  Okay, yeah, fine! Point taken - just keep it clean... ;)


  1. I liked when you had the tree climbing challenge ( I think that is what it was called). You could do more posts like that. Someone starts a post with a picture (ex. barefoot on gravel) and others can post their pictures. And maybe change the theme every week or so.

  2. Just no planking or owling challenges please

  3. Yeah, I liked the tree challenge too. Have to talk to UTR and see what else he has planned. Maybe make it as a link/tab. Maybe we could also have a photo challenge every week; i.e. take a photo of... something strawberry on your run. You get the idea.

    Shacky, What I would not give to have a photo of you in an owl pose!..:)

  4. found a fun one today while running in the rain: see how far you can go while stepping in nothing but puddles!

    I cut across a parking lot this morning doing this and got some crazy looks from a guy running (read: working out)on the sidewalk. Eventually once I got done splashing my way across about 600 feet of parking lot I caught up to him and passed him with a cheerful "good morning!" while he panted along. (he did give me a "good morning" back, so that was nice!)