Thursday, July 7, 2011

You have been asking for them...

Krista (zapmamak) our design guru has managed to create us a shirt store.

Here are a few designs.. I am sure there will be more later on!

Go to The Run Smiley store to check out the shirts.  The designs shown here, do not do the shirts and Krista's designs justice.

As for the Fortress, Chicken, Bees and Beer.. well  it's our little in-house "drunken-fuelled" joke; but it's reflects where the "Collective" would chose to be if they were given a choice!

EDIT - Just saw there was an EGGS shirt too.  If you want to know why Eggs are related to the "Collective" (apart from the chickens and the fortress), then check out this earlier post!


  1. Red performance T ordered, sweat soaked pic soon! Next I want a "Runs naked on sharp..." performance T. Can we have one please?

  2. Run Smiley Sadness...the performance shirts run very small. I pretty much only wear large T-shirts from a variety of brands and my pretty new red large Run Smiley large shirt is skin tight on me. Not my most flattering look...

  3. David - that's NOT good. What shirt, design did you buy? I know I am looking for a performance shirt, so maybe we could do trades. Email me at the runsmiley admin email address and let's see if we can sort something out. Kate

  4. David - Spreadshirt has been really good at returns. Check out their return policy. Chances are good that you can return it for a different size even if it was washed. A friend of mine was able to return a shirt that was too big for her and get the correct size.