Saturday, July 30, 2011

Run Smiley Challenge #2: Chalk Smiley

Okay, its been a few weeks sine the inaugural Run Smiley Challenge tried to get you off the trails and up a tree. Like running just for the pure joy of it, tree climbing is one of those things most of us enjoyed in childhood, but for some reason give up as we become "mature" adults. For the next challenge, I decided to follow the theme and reclaim another lost childhood art: sidewalk chalk.

On one of your runs this week, take along a piece of chalk (or two, or three. Or a whole bucket if you're ambitious). And at some point, where other runners will see see it, leave a smiley message. It can be a quote, an aphorism, just words of encouragement or a simple reminder to smile. It can be overtly about running, or just something you just think relates. It can be by someone famous, infamous, or something you came up with yourself. It can even be from the Bad-Ass Motivational School of Thought, if you really want, but I think keeping it Smiley would be best. (But one of the Rules of the Challenge is There Are No Rules -- if Kate can climb a rock for the "Climb a Tree" challenge, anything goes).

So write out a message to your fellow runners, and sign it with the Run Smiley logo. If you want (and are artistically inclined), add some drawings to spice it up -- anything as long as it might make another runner smile, and makes you stop in your run and smile yourself. Then take a picture of your work and submit it, along with a story or caption (if you'd like). You can e-mail your picture to me at mrvandyke[at], send it to Kate, our fearless [insert official title as-yet-to-be-determined here], or post it to the Run Smiley Facebook page. Or print it and send it via carrier pigeon -- it doesn't really matter how it gets to me, so if you think of some other way to submit your photo, go for it.

Last week I had a grand total of three submissions (counting my own), and this week I'd love some more. No, I demand more -- this is homework, people. And yes, it counts toward you final grade. The challenge ends next Sunday (more or less -- again, Fast and Loose isn't just how I like my foot turnover), so grab some chalk and go run smiley!

[Also, I'd love ideas for future challenges. Send them to me at the e-mail address above. Thanks!]


  1. Sorry Sir, I forgot my chalk on my walk this morning. I promise to bring the chalk tomorrow. Honest..;)

  2. As a slight variation on this, you can wear the chalk too. See my wife's blog post here
    What she didn't show was that we went for a run right after. I stayed painted for the run and I can attest to the smiley effect. Everyone that sees you will smile and dripping purple sweat is always good for a laugh too.