Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hidden secrets of 'The Run Smiley Collective'

I did an interview with Caity from RunBarefootGirl a couple of weeks ago.  We talked about some serious stuff - sorry about that, but we also talked about 'The Run Smiley Collective" and how this all started.  This is the "Run Smiley" story straight from the "horses mouth" as it were.  Although I am not a horse, just thought I would clarify that!

She has just edited it and here it is.  

I apologise for the slurping and swallowing noises, *cough* note to self - don't drink coffee as you are talking on the phone.


Run Barefoot Girl interview


  1. damn lady! rockin' the sexy accent!

    (not to sound creepy or anything, haha!)

  2. *Laugh* you're okay - just a little creepy ;) Glad you liked it - been told I have a nice accent, always thought I sounded like a rough trucker. :D That's the beauty of being British, I could say anything and still sound vaguely intelligent ;)

  3. that's a sweet deal! ;)

    rough trucker or not, that was a fun interview to listen to! glad you did it!