Friday, October 21, 2011

I'm running 100 miles to raise money for kids this weekend

This Saturday I will be running in the 100 mile endurance run from Corona to the Santa Monica through 23 cities.
The race is fundraiser for the 100 mile club, an organisation I hold dear to my heart.

Philosophy of the 100 Mile Club

Our philosophy is simple. We believe that every individual has the ability to achieve true personal success and a new level of physical fitness by Accepting the Challenge of running (or walking) 100 Miles at school during a single school year. These feelings of true personal success and fitness are ones that will carry participants to new levels of achievement in all areas: academics, athletics, and implementation of the valuable life skills identified in the bricks of Coach Wooden’s Pyramid of Success.

The 100 Mile Club is a personal journey toward a very personal goal.    It is not a race with anyone but yourself.  We NEVER compare students.  We never race or compete between classes or students to see who makes 100 miles “first”.  100 Mile Club is not an external competition. The competition is with your biggest rival: yourself. We celebrate all personal successes at the end of the school year.  100 miles or not, we award students together, celebrate together, and never separate out those that make 100 miles from those that do not. The personal successes students feel while on the100 Mile Club journey are unquantifiable but ever-present.  We celebrate those most of all.

I am raising money for the 100 mile club by running in the 100 mile Endurance Challenge.  If you would like to help donate to the organization please click HERE or check out the link on the top right of this blog.  Even a donation of $10 can pay for kid's membership for one year.  The 100 mile club often involves itself with inner city schools where parents cannot afford even a cost as small as this.  These are the same kids who's parents can not afford to put them in others sports such as soccer or basketball.

I'm not really good at begging and pleading for donations so I will end with this.  If you have a couple extra dollars the 100 mile club could sure use your help.  I have seen first hand how it can change the lifes of a child.  Last year I got my Nephew's school involved with the program and it has been a roaring success for the children the parents and even got their principal running.

If you would like to get your school involved please contact me or the 100 mile 
club directly and we will do what we can to  get your kid's moving and keep kids running Smiley

If you want to see a full preview of the course you can read about here.

The race can be followed at twitter  

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