Sunday, October 2, 2011

What to do with all of that tapering energy? Music! :)

Today I packed up my entire family and made them come with me on a run. Everyone was riding bikes. I ran barefoot to a local running store and bought a pair of Merrel Sonic Gloves. I love the Trail glove and figure I'll need something for wetter colder weather. It was good hard work for me as my boy got sick of peddling and went on strike, refusing to move unless I pushed him. So I did some donkey work on a lovely Fall day, enjoyed an awesome time with my family, and breathed that cool fresh air.

My taper is on and I'm not supposed to be running any long runs. After all of the work I've put in to keep myself on track for training it's almost as much work to convince myself not to go out and push another 2 hour run to make sure I'm not losing it. I wonder if I'll feel the same way after next Sun (Oct 9th is the marathon). I'm trying to stretch, do a lot of rolling pin work on tight muscles, drink a lot of water, eat lots of good food and generally keep the mind in killer fit focus. My plan is to run the first 6-8 miles or so pretty relaxed, let everyone pass me, smile a lot, encourage people, and then let loose the maniac, run my legs to bloody stumps and crawl over the finish line screaming! maybe...

I've been working on this guy's body work. I was turned onto it by Jason Robillard who is a great resource himself and a great aggregator of good info.

Since I can't run much I've been putting together my playlist for the marathon next week. Music is extremely important to me. I spend a lot of time looking for new music and can really spend entire days just looking for new exciting music scenes from all over the world. Somehow it doesn't really play much of a role in my running as I like to listen to podcasts but here is a selection of new stuff going into the marathon playlist.

I love these guys. The singer is somehow like Jack Black plus David Bowie and the music is like a beautiful 80s under-aged club dance mix. This is turning into one of those songs I listen to 1000 times until it drives me crazy.

Next up, a band I heard on Sound Opinions, the best music podcast ever. I think this kind of music is called post-something or other, but the fast beat is great for the feet. My favorite part starts at 3:30 (end zebra psychedelia begin Xmas trees and silly puppets).

TV on the Radio hardly needs an introduction but this is a sweet song and I love how they take like a minute and a half to finish their build at the beginning of the song. You get a few minutes in and still feel like the song is about to start. I had to link to it as their label blocks embedding. Thumbs down!

All right one more. I got these guys from an old friend's label. Thanks T! Again, post-something or phsychedelic rock revival, I don't know. Good solid rockers.

Wait last one. My playlist is like 1000 songs (I run so slow I'll need it) but can't forget to throw some old timey electronica.

What do you listen to? Are you a loud fast drive me forward music type or a smooth relaxing smile your fact type? Let me know below.

Good Running!

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