Thursday, October 13, 2011

Run Smiley Method #33

Method #33 to make your runs more enjoyable: The Cheers Method

So, I have a friend who owns a local coffee shop. Jaszy's Java is located one block of Historic Route 66 in Wilmington, IL. It's a cheerful little shop with an owner who cares about what her customers want to drink, especially, if it's coffee or a smoothie. I recommend the not-so-berry berry smoothie, it's a Barefoot Rose custom smoothie.

Several of my recent runs went right past Jaszy's by design, either to take a picture or just wave hello.

You know that scene in Cheers when Norm walks into the bar, says hello and everyone yells back "Norm" in greeting?

Ok, maybe Darla, the owner, is the only one saying hello to me but it still perks up the run a bit.

So, if you can find a route that has a place where everybody knows your name, I recommend it.

A Barefoot Rose By Any Other Name

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