Sunday, June 12, 2011

Absence and the Fonder Heart

This last week my sister came to visit from California. She still lives in the San Diego area where we grew up. She has only been out here (NY/NJ) twice in the 20 years since I moved east. So this was a big deal.

I took the week off from work. We took her to see “Jersey Boys” on Broadway. And the “Top of the Rock” (top of the Rockefeller Building).

And Times Square. And the Statue of Liberty. And Ellis Island. And rode the subways. And Buses. And Boats. And Trains. And even a pedicab down Broadway during rush hour traffic. (And lived to tell about it)

We ate out a lot. Sardy’s. Cracker Barrel. Starbucks. Even the Peanut Butter Company, which is a little place in Greenwich Village that has great PB&J sandwiches, among other “light” fare. My sister LOVES PB so we had to go there. Had to.

Anyway, I could go on and on about the week. I also found a little time to whip the garden into shape. And stay up late to talk and play games and generally NOT be at or think about work. Everyone had a great time.

But. I. Only. Ran. Once.

Between the heat, rain, long days in Manhattan, and all of the family fellowship time, I only headed out for a 4 ¼ mile jaunt. I also walked the same route with my sis but that didn’t count.

So I can’t wait to get back out there! I will figure out a way to get a run in tomorrow somehow no matter what. The weather forecast is good so it looks like I’ll have a number of options, either in Manhattan or here in Jersey.

Why the excitement?

Are you kidding me?

The feel of my feet on all of the various surfaces. Warm. Cold. Rough. Smooth. Wet. Muddy.

The alive feeling of my heart rate consistently within 20 percent of max.

The moment that I first break a sweat and feel the evaporative cooling kick in.

Synchronizing my breaths with my cadence. Three steps in. Two steps out.

Enjoying the looks on people’s faces as I cruise by. Or go by them silently, sometimes inadvertently startling them.

Not knowing how far I’ll end up going, leaving it up to how I’m feeling.

Stepping on a pebble and quickly shifting my weight to minimize the impact. Marveling at the sensory functions built into this thing called my body.

Getting rid of that I-feel-lousy-and-lazy-and-know-I'd-feel-better-after-a-run feeling that starts two days after the last run.

Knowing that I’m doing something that is good for me, makes me happy, and therefore makes me easier to work with and live with.

Boy have I missed it. Stay tuned for a report on all the running goodness…

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