Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Party on the White Line and a Merrell Pace Glove Review

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Had a great run on Monday with a good friend up in Polluck Pines California... a little running, a little drinkin, but smiles all the way! Awwwyeah... this is what good times are made of. I also did a short review of my Merrell Pace Gloves so if you want the whole enchilada check it out here.

Our Bloody Marys
What's that? Beer?

Only ran about 4.4 miles, but who's counting? Stopped for a view break and chat then headed back to the bar and grill for a little post run nutrition. Bloody Marys. After our little bar break we continued on to the "party on the white line" where our husbands were having their own post mountain biking beer and snacks session. We kicked back and chilled for a bit enjoying the cool but beautiful weather. Awwyeahh. Run Smiley all the way!
That would be the white line.

That would be two crazy bitches after the Bloody Marys and the beer.

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Run :)

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