Thursday, June 30, 2011

I vow to Run Smiley in the morning

  My superhero dear one has been trying to change my night owl ways and get me out of bed in the morning for months now. Ok, maybe years.  I have myself convinced that I get my best sleep in the morning and try to ignore the fact that if I went to bed earlier this would all change. 

  Over the last few days or so it has become clear that with our schedule as it is we either run at 5:00 in the afternoon or early morning.  Here in good ol' Des Moines Iowa its starting to get quite warm (frakkin hot) and I have to factor in the heat when we run. It makes it harder to just go out and run smiley when you have the sun beating down on you and the asphalt glaring up from a days worth of heat soaked in. I am having to concede that I need shoes in this heat and its just not even close to being as enjoyable as barefoot.  So somethings gotta give.  I love to run.  Its simple.  I love the feeling of propelling myself forward through time and space of my own accord.  Its not a matter of wanting to run its now a matter of making the time in order to remain a sane human being.

Remember how I mentioned I am not a morning person.......take a deep breath.... here goes....
I am now a morning person.  
  There I said it.  Its out there for the world to hold me accountable.  This morning I got up and ran with the hubster and I even kept from being grouchy although he did well at not saying much.  It was already close to 80 degrees when we headed out and we ditched our shirts after the first couple of miles.  We left the house barefoot and came home barefoot.  We had big gardening hats on to shade the morning sun. He had his kilt and I my running skirt.  I wish now that I had taken pictures since I take my camera with me on every run.  We ran up and down the hill in the cemetery for an hour and then ran home.  I don't really know how far it is and don't care.  My heart was pumping and I felt the breeze cooling my bare skin.  I ran happy without a care in the world.  I am humbled and I choose to change.

  Now I feel refreshed, mellow, and ready for the day and not hot and haggard and like I should be singing bad country songs.  There has been lots of talk about  running smiley lately, hence the blog and awesome group of people, and I vowed last summer that I would not run when I didn't want to.  I needed to remind myself of that and take a different perspective since change was in order.  I have to make friends with the early hours. Being happy is work sometimes.  Its being able to see past the present discomfort and believe that it will change and the good feelings will come. 

I now consider you my friend and ally in this whole happiness thing.  Thanks for your sunshine and cool breezes and sorry it has taken me so long. I will send out my good feelings to the world in return for your loveliness.
Yours Truly,
Angie Bee

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