Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dirtbag's Fitness Tip of the Day: Awww, Gnats!

Dirtbag's Fitness Tip of the Day:
When running, be sure to keep your eyes open for tiny, nearly invisible swarms of local wildlife. You never know when a lack of near-superhuman eyesight or a momentary lapse in focus will result in attempted genocide.

Don't let this* happen to you:
*"this" goes from my chin, in my hair, on my shoulders and arms, all the way to my waist.


  1. SO the Run smiley part of the post were the gnats being full from your blood? *laugh* I hope you were smiling at least for some of your run.

  2. The Run Smiley part was the expression on my wife's face when I walked in the door. She immediately reached for the camera.