Monday, August 1, 2011

The 5:00AM Edition

This morning (July 26) on my run I found a few things I thought I would share with everyone!  Things like this just reinforce the idea that early birds aren't always just about getting their workout in and over with, and that even weirdos like me who run at 5:00AM can still run smiley!

Today I found myself heading along Stadium Drive and the smell of Sweetwater's Donut Mill got me about a quarter mile before I actually reached the place.  It's so nice to have the heavenly stench of fresh donuts in your nose during a run, although it was certainly tempting to step in for a donut break mid-run!  I hadn't gone that route in probably two months, and I was so glad to have gone that way this morning.

A Kalamazoo Tradition, and man does it smell good!

Businesses lawn sprinklers were in full force as well and while I inwardly scolded them for not learning how to aim the nozzles to avoid wasting water (or for generally watering the sidewalk, which I don't believe requires watering), I had a great time running through  the streams!  Running through sprinklers, puddles and rainstorms has become one of my favorite things!

Drake Hill is one of those hills the local running community dreads (I know I did in my earlier days), but despite having not run it in almost two months, by the time I got there it was like seeing an old friend (I ran it a lot during my training).  There's something awesome about being the guy who says "Oh, that hill isn't so bad.  I run it all the time!" when people bring up how punishing it can be.

On my way back along Parkview Avenue I was beset by a field full of fireflies as well!  I'm used to seeing them in the evening, but I'm not used to seeing them as the sun is barely starting to brighten the eastern sky.  My only regret is not being able to get a decent picture of them.


  1. OOOOH. Fireflies! That would be so cool to see firelies on a run! I can imagine... beautiful!

  2. The picture in your mind is worth 1,000 of the best photos your camera could have dreamt of taking.