Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Announcing the Run Smiley Virtual Run...

An image of the Bib, the actual
run Bib can be downloaded below.
So it seems as if by some cosmic force, a lot of "The Collective" are going to be in New York City for the 2nd NYC Barefoot run.  The list is growing daily, but it seemed unfair that due to the location of the run, everyone who wanted to be part of the action, well... just couldn't.

So we came up with an idea (and yes I think wine was involved at some point).  We thought it would be great if we could all "Run Smiley" on that weekend regardless of where we were in the world.  Hence, the "Run Smiley Virtual Run".  The idea is simple.

On the weekend of the 24th-25th September, the weekend of the NYC Barefoot run, we all run; TOGETHER.  To give us some feeling of solidarity, Krista has designed a racing bib.  All you need to do is download the Bib, print it off, pin it to whatever you like to wear during your run and you .. well RUN.

There is no time, no distance, no limits.  You can run in a race, or you can just jog down the road. You just run and as you run you take photo's, do a race report, in fact do whatever you normally like to do for a race/run. But remember - SMILE and have fun.  Remember to have a photo taken of yourself wearing the bib and send it too us.  We will try and make all of the photo's into a collage.  Send us your race reports and we will print those too.

If you like to have a beer, then feel free to count the post-race drink part of the run too. ;)

The Actual BIB can be downloaded here.


  1. Possible you think to get this on the DM race widget?

  2. If anyone is interested I could lead a little run around my normal running haunt (lower Manhattan) sometime that weekend (at a time not conflicting with the main NYC event).