Friday, August 12, 2011

I am back people - now it's your turn to start running

"Basically Run". No really RUN.  I have been given the go ahead to chase you - although for me to actually catch you you will need to run as fast as a snail and only for 2 mins at a time.

On Wednesday I went to the Orthopaedic surgeon and he has told me that my x-rays didn't show anything, but heck, they didn't last time when my knee was a size of a melon.  However, given the fact I have been a very good girl (and no I didn't sleep with him!) I can start running again.

So on Wednesday I went for my first "official" run in 8 weeks.  I had run before, but as I mentioned to the nice intern who was admiring my "Invisible Shoes" Huaraches with neon lemon laces, it was only in emergency situations; a.k.a Chasing and saving a 6 year old from immanent death. I hadn't run more than a handful of steps in any real direction for pretty much 2 months.

So as instructed I went onto the indoor level track.  No trails just yet.  I took off my shoes and ran in my threadbare socks.  As a note I would have run barefoot, but I have been cautioned about running barefoot by the city staff too many times. It's a no-no here in Canada.  Obviously the shoe industry has players on the city council.

So I ran - and walked, but I ran.  I put on some of my favourite songs and I danced, sang and generally did the most kick-arse air-drums for the slowest mile ever recorded by something that didn't carry a shell on it's back.  I hadn't forgotten but I was still overwhelmed about why I love to run.

It isn't about the numbers - I ran a mile on a flat track in about 25 mins.  It wasn't about the need to wear lycra and the funky Garmin watches.  It was just the joy of feeling the ground underneath my feet and the air passing through my hair.  I may have only been going quicker than walking distance by definition, but I felt like I was flying.

Despite the fact it was only a mile, I did take photo's.  I made jokes with the two pensioners walking the track.  I sprinted and then giggled like a school kid because I knew I shouldn't. 

I was reminded that this is why I run.  This is what I have been looking forward to it.  Although my mind has been up-beat about my absence, I am SO glad to be back.

Next stop (aside from NYC), a informal running clinic with some other Mum's from school.  Fall Classic 10K here I come! How sweet life can be!

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  1. Congrats! Welcome back, and we promise to flee from you very, very slowly.