Tuesday, August 2, 2011

evolution in (my) running

facing the fact that i've spent thousands of hours in pursuit of being something i'm not, in the name of being worthy, and it has gotten me nowhere but tired, frustrated and disappointed has been a long process. i examine finally being ready to let my running evolve into something personal, something smiley in my latest blog post. in a world where my favorite pastime of ultrarunning has become a way to push the envelope, and fit in with the out-crowd, the adventurous and pure spirit of the sport has been sacrificed in me and in it's place i find a pointless striving.
if you war with simply loving the sport of running AND being more than 'just a participant' - this post is for you, as i finally accept that i cannot marry the 2... and it's okay.
run happy.

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  1. I so can relate Shelly. I am finally finding this road of peace when I run and each day it gets better and better!