Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Barefoot At The Movies

When the Born To Run movie comes out, do you think they will let us walk into the theater in our barefeet?

Christopher McDougall should make it manditory.

Hey, Christopher McDougall, not only do we, here at the Run Smiley Collective, think that we were born to run. We think we were born to run with a smile on our face!

I second the invitation given by our Plenipotentiary. Christopher McDougall, come run and have a beer with us. We might even have a Barbarian Horde in your honor.

(Fantastic idea, by the way, Dirtbag)


  1. I love barefooting, but EW GROSS on going barefoot in a theater!! It's dark and who knows what you'll step in. I'd rather step on all the thorns and broken glass that anti-barefooters claim we are in danger of killing ourselves on than possibly step in ooey gooey month-old semi-dried-up soda or melted Junior Mints or worse that is too gross to be mentioned.

  2. I am going to agree with what PegHead said. I will however wear my invisible shoe huaraches

  3. Yeah, all that soda and candy and popcorn "butter" on the floor would make my feet sticky. And never ever any UV rays to kill the germs. Blech.

  4. Not to jump on the Buzzkill Bandwagon, but barefoot in a theater sounds...icky. Just about anywhere else is cool, but there is all kinds of hidden stuff on the floor, lurking in the dark, impossible to maneuver around. I'll wear my VFFs.
    And I want a Horde to happen! Thanks.

  5. Ok, I see your point. It should be shown at an outdoor theater or movies in the park. Barefeet only though! What do you think, Christopher McDougall?

    (Pst. I'm just trying to use Christopher McDougall's name as much as possible so that maybe Christopher McDougall might notice us by accident)