Thursday, August 25, 2011

We have shirts, now we have TUTU's

yep, you heard me. TUTU's. If you hadn't heard running TUTU's are all the rage and will the next big hit in 2012 - You heard it here first!

The kind ladies at Glam-runner, have joined in and at our request have made us some special edition "RUN SMILEY" TUTU's.

When you wear these, you can't but smile!  Even better, all the proceeds go to the charity "Girls on the Run"

See below... for the winning TUTU as voted for by the collective.


  1. I love them. The colors remind of me pink lemonade. I sure wish I was going to be in New York with all of you. Have fun and run :)!

  2. Just for you - here you go. I did. BTW, I apologise for the photo's - I was actually a Little drunk and on the way to a hangover from hell. ;)