Thursday, September 22, 2011

Absent from NYC

Ok-I am under no illusion that I am anywhere near the same age as most of my Run Smiley friends. I just have to point out that you are just all really a lot of fun! It is much more fun to read your blogs and hear you race reports than politely tolerate the drone of my cronies. Just to let you all know....I realize I am old enough to be all of your Moms,or maybe Grandmas???
So,that being said, I am insanely jealous of the NYC meetup.Best of luck and fun this weekend !!! Take lots of pictures and yes,even Chris in a tutu...maybe Christian and Jason in a tutu??? Remember all of us back here wearing our paper Run Smiley bibs!!!
I just had the most amazing barefoot run this morning.Even my gravel road was like butter. A gorgeous sunrise...and barefoot running.Now who else can really understand, but all of you.
Between Jason,Shelly and Vanessa, this ..clear throat..mature woman is now running ultras in her head.Not sure my body is in agreement...but it all starts in the head anyway.hats off to all of you and your mates who tolerate us!! Have a blast for the rest of us!!!!!!!!!


  1. Sally, if it makes you feel any better I know for a certainty that I was in school when most of the NYC crew were born. I fully accept and "quietly quiver" when I realise that.

    However, Run Smiley isn't about age, but attitude. In our eye's you are no more than 7. Just as it should be.

    Write a run report. I saw your FB post and thought it was worth a Smiley report. Sounded as if you had so much fun.

  2. I don't know ladies. I may be the elder um...... (not much of a statesmen) well whatever, I'm guessing I'm just as mature as any of the collectivers.....

  3. Thanks guys-makes me feel better! yes I will write more soon Katie!!! Bob-are you going to NYC? Have a great time everyone!