Sunday, September 11, 2011

Two weeks to the "Run Smiley" Virtual Run

This is a warning... not a final warning, and not even a warning really - more of a "head's up".  A polite reminder served with tea and chocolate. :)

In 2 weeks time we will be holding the first (potentially annual) "Run Smiley Virtual Run".  To recap; over the weekend of the 24th September we are inviting you to go out and Run Happy.  Remember there is NO time limit, there is NO distance criteria.  You just go to the downloadable bib, print it off, pin it to.. well where-ever on your body you want to, then you run.  Could be a hundred miles, could be a hundred meters.  Doesn't matter.  All that matters is you run with a smile.  You have fun and you leave your watch at home.  Remember to take your camera though. Stop and take photo's of your run and then send them to us.

Check the Run Smiley page at the top of our blog for the Virtual Bib download.  

Enough said, now go out and have fun!

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