Friday, September 30, 2011

Run Smiley Virtual Map

Did you run smiley last weekend but don't see your town on the map? You don't have to write a report. Just leave a comment below and I'll add your location.


  1. An amazingly fantastic smiley run 11.6 mile and the last 4 barefoot!! :))) Litchfield,MN

  2. Hey, ran mine Mon (I know, late:( in East Lansing.

  3. I ran the Freedom's Run 1/2 Marathon in Shepherdstown WV and was running ear to ear smiley! At the 12 mile mark I thought "I can run as hard as I want for a mile!", so I kicked it in. Fast of course is relative as my avg pace was 11:00 and I ran the last mile about 9:20. Plus I have to admit there was GREAT pleasure in passing a lot of runners in the last mile barefoot! At the end I rounded the corner onto the football field and saw my time and my wife who was a volunteer directing runners into the correct chutes! I knew she was a volunteer, but had no idea she would be there! I was about 30 min earlier than she expected me based on my first 1/2, so she was as surprised as I was. I stopped and kissed her before I ran the last 30 yards. It was one of the coolest days of my life! ~David Propst, Valdese, NC