Sunday, September 25, 2011

Virtual Run 2011: Vadslund 6.6K

As I was at my mother's cottage in the deep woods of Sweden and not, as it were, in NYC, I had limited spectators on my run. But hey! The sheep looked interested (and interesting, I was getting a bit peckish) and the birds fled as I flew, so I'm not complaining. It was a brilliant mid-autumn afternoon, with the sun hanging low in the sky and all leafs just barely starting to change colours.

And of course I documented it for you! Here we go:

All pinned up and rearing to go!
The start/finish line spectators.
Autumn is coming.
The road goes ever on.
Race marker?
Oh no! An obstacle!
"Oooh! Perhaps a bit of speed here..."
Yours truly. Bare chest free of charge.
Stonehedge ala Farmville
Home! Finished!
The race shower area...
... but I tell you though, the water was damn cold! It's a ground water lake with no inlet and as the nights get cooler (plunging down towards 0 degrees C soon) bathing gets harder. But it remains the best place in the world to sit and relax after a run, with nothing disturbing the silence except the wind in the trees and perhaps the occasional splashing fish.


  1. that looks like an awesome place to run! Thanks for sharing it! I especially love the mile marker! (I'm a surveyor by trade and old monuments like that are awesome!)

  2. That looks like lovely country!

  3. Great pictures -- too bad you couldn't be in NYC with us, but its great to have the virtual runs shared, especially when yours is pretty much the opposite of New York :)