Monday, September 26, 2011

Putting Wilmington On the Run Smiley Map

The Mission

My mission was clear. My plenipotentiary was counting on me. I must be one with the Collective. I. Must. Run. Smiley.

I knew if I looked deep into my soul I had the makings, the desire, the blood and sweat and tears to make her proud. All I needed to do was take the first step, literally. Victory would be mine, ours.

Knowing the importance of my mission gave me strength I needed to overcome the obstacles that reared up in front of me. Quickly, I reverted to survival skills taught to me since I was a child. I grabbed a blank sheet of paper and a black permanent pen and drew a run smiley bib by hand. I effectively dismissed that defunct computer printer.

I noticed almost everything around me being so focused on my mission. I heard the cool air wafting by me. I saw the bright sun bending around the trees. I felt the cold pavement sucking the heat out of my feet. (It's not as pleasant as it sounds)

I found a smile before I reached the first left turn. I snatched it up and protected it as if it were my own child. It was special. This was no Mona Lisa. This was borderline Clown. Just as my plenipotentiary had requested, I sustained that smile for two delightful miles. I even paused to greet Darla and the customers at the coffee shop.

No doubt about it, I delivered for my plenipotentiary. My town was one more star on the Run Smiley Map.

A Rose By Any Other Name

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