Friday, September 23, 2011

There is no old in running

 This was supposed to be a blog post on my blog but it was commented on before I could get it switched over.  Oh well.  It can live on both I suppose :)

  A few years ago researchers at the German Sports University Cologne took a close look at the finishing times of 400,000 marathon and half -marathon runners between teh ages of 20 and 79.   They found no relevant differences in the finishing times of people between the ages of 20 and 50.  The times for runners between 50 and 69 slowed only by 2.6 to 4.4 percent per decade. "Older athletes are able to maintain a high degree of physiological plasticity late into life, " the researchers wrote.

  This New York Times article  reminds me to call bullshit on myself on the days when I feel old.  I would totally out run in every way my younger self.   I plan to run in to my very old age and only plan to get better at running happy.  Besides I won't have the time nor the money to run in races like I want to until I am older and the kids are grown a bit more.   I dream of taking the Amtrak around the world running races along the way.  Ah, let the daydreaming begin!  Maybe I will change the blog to Wrinkle Running.

  My almost 40 super sexy hero spouse is all signed up to run his first marathon on October 16th and I will be toeing the barefoot line at the half marathon.  My lucky number for this one is 5695.  It's the 10th year anniversary for the race and I can say that if its anything like the last two years this year will be fabulous!

   I am inspiring myself training for this race.  What is better than inspiring oneself!  After having all of the heart scares and then having the humility to switch from the full to the half I am confident that I am on the right track. (Pun intended although I am not a fan of track workouts mainly because we don't live by one. That and living in a house of boys the fartlek makes more sense) 

  The super hero used to very much dislike running until he went barefoot and now he sees running as a tool to longevity and dare I say it, loves to run.  This is fantastic for me since I love to run and can proudly say I sometimes get sick of hearing him talk about running....ok maybe not sick of it but you get the idea!  He has a 20 miler on tap for tomorrow and I am looking at between 13 and 15 depending on how I feel.   

  My little spawn Archimedes and I  had a perfect day on Wednesday but alas the yin and yang of life has struck again.  Damn public places.  We both have a fever and headache.  The upside is that he is very snuggly and wants to hang out with his ol' momma.  As far as illnesses go this is an inconvenient albeit mild one that I hope doesn't leave me feeling too tired to run but I will go with the flow and listen to my body.  Speaking of yin and yang, the number 5695 looks like the six and nine make a yin and yang symbol with fives on either side.  Cool!

  In the mean time I am practicing drawing manga.  I read a book about bee keeping and am shopping for supplies for hives in the spring and also reading  a book on Doctor Who and Philosophy.  
"Basically, Run!" ~The Doctor

  I am sending happy running vibes to my fellow barefooters in  NYC this weekend for the second annual barefoot run!   


  1. This is good news! I'm planning on being that crazy old man out there :)

  2. Yep, I've had my butt kicked by some gentlemen runners in the 80-85 category...and it makes me smile every time!

  3. Wish I could be meeting your aging self this weekend, but keep running smiley back home for us!