Saturday, September 17, 2011

Essential packing guide to running in NYC - might not be what you are expecting.

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I am getting ready.  I'm preparing. I am organising, what is essentially the biggest party I have been to in years.  

We aren't talking about a party involving vomiting kids and piñata's; although I am sure there may be vomiting happening somewhere.  We are talking about lots of... well society would call us 'Kooks' and frankly society thinks we are a little bit strange.  That's okay, we are a bit, but now we have become organised and we are hitting New York City in droves.

On September 25th hundreds of barefoot and minimalist runners will be converging onto Governors Island in New York City and in a big snub to the mainstream shoe industry we are running; defying the norm. Okay, snubbing the shoe industry is our secondary goal.  Our primary goal is to inflict our drunken kookiness on as many unsuspecting New Yorkers as possible.  Fine, I have let our secret mission 'out of the bag' as it were.  It's not really a secret anymore.  Who am I kidding? No-one reads this blog.

Mwwwhahahahaha... New York will not know what hit it!

So I am planning.  What do I take?  My aim is to go as minimalist as possible.  I only want to take carry on luggage, so everything has to fit in a carry-on case. I have to take the bare-est essentials. So what does a 'Kook' need to for a drunken rampage on NYC?  Oh I will be running too; I keep forgetting that bit.
Here is my must-have list:

iPod 64gb.  This is going to be my main gadget workhorse. I love this thing.  I will be able to link up to do web-cams with my family when I am away, I will be able to watch TV, listen to music, check my email, update Facebook, you name it.  It's small enough that I can throw it into my purse and no-one is any wiser until I whip it out and take very embarrassing photo's of people doing very strange things.  Some of them I may even know!  

Yoga pants.  It's a sign of middle-age, but I beginning to really love these.  They are the new "tracksuit fat-pant" leggings of the 21st century.  They are warm, comfortable and hide everything.  The don't crease and the fold into small spaces. Yet, they can look smart if placed with a smart-top, t-shirt or sport top. I will be taking 3 pairs - all the same colour. I am a bit like a man like that.  Yes, I know "Yoga Pants" are the reason why Vancouver came 3rd in the "worst dressed city in the world",  (Jersey shore came 10th - so this is a true achievement), but I don't care.  Stretch spandex/luon is my new friend.

Freebie shirts.  I have been given a few freebie shirts over the last few months.  Have to show my swag catching abilities right?  So my BRU, BRS and Luna shirt are making the trip. I also have a couple of Run Smiley shirts and a zapshirt.   I may have to trim which ones I take.  This isn't a fashion show, apparently (??) My "Hobby Jogga" hoodie will also have pride of place - It`s a statement of attitude not a piece of clothing!

Minimalist running Shoes - yep I am taking some shoes.  I am thinking of wearing my Merrell Barefoot Mary-Janes as they are vaguely smart and comfortable.  For running I am thinking of stripy injini socks and my 4mm Invisible Shoes.  My theme for the run, is hobo/wicked witch of the west, mixed in with prima ballerina - more on that one later.  Yeah, the mental images are a bit scary huh? May also take my Luna Originals if I have room. I can then mix in a bit of roman centurion look into the mix. (We all know "Centurions are cool")

Ta-Ta Tamers.  The ultimate running bra.  Yes, I know the sign of good form is "no boob-wobble", but with a cup-size rivalling a "Venti" order of coffee at Starbucks, I need all the help I can get.  TMI'ing a little there. Again, you are getting some fantastic mental imagery here.

TU-TU's. I admit I am cheating here.  I couldn't get the TU-TU's made and shipped to Canada in time.  These aren't going in my hand luggage, although I will have figure out a way to bring them back without being detained at the airports as a security risk.  They are being shipped to NYC directly.  This is the ballerina part of my costume.  Luckily I won't be the only ones wearing them; should give our "kookie" ambience some credence.

Tweed jacket.  I will be wearing this on the plane.  Okay, so I am going for a hobo/wicked witch/ballerina/Dr. Who look.  Yeah, I am not helping with this mental imagery here.  I am going to have to take photo's.  If I get the bow-tie my outfit will be complete.  Oh so tempted. I am also tempted to take my straw stetson hat.  Like Centurions, "stetson's are cool"

An additional empty bag. Although my personal shopping time is limited, I am hoping to snag some goodies at the expo. Free would be nice, but the credit card will have to be with me for security reasons.  I also have very little will-power.  I wonder if that will work as an excuse when Hubby opens the credit card statement next month?  I also have to find a smurf'.  Really, CAPCOM really has a lot to answer for when they made 'Smurfsville'.  Disney didn't help with the movie either.  I now have a 6 year old that believes New York is completely covered in Smurfs.  Forget running as a goal, if I don't come back with a smurf the next 6 months of my life won`t be worth living.  (Although I do like Caity's idea of claiming that "Smurfs don't have a passport and were detained by immigration". That is my back-up plan!)

As you can see, there is not one mention of a Garmin watch, black lycra tights, supportive running shoes or body-glide. Not the usual suitcase for a trip to a running race.  However, an accurate reflection of my attitude I think.  Yeah, Merrell are never going to ask me back are they? *Big Grin*


  1. FYI: Tutu can be shipped overnight from Montréal @
    Good run in NY!

  2. Katie: how are we going to find each other on Saturday?

  3. I'm not at all jealous that I can't be there. Not. At. All. But next year, next year... Have a great time!

  4. Good point Bob. I am coming in via Merrell so I will probably be hanging around with them. Just for look the real short woman hanging around the giant (Christian) and Jason (Robillard). I may also be wearing a run smiley shirt and a Tutu if you are just joint us on the Sunday.

  5. I'll be there tomorrow evening as well as Sunday. I know Jason so I'll find you through him. I'll be the one not wearing a tutu......