Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Virtual Run - NYC

OK, time to report in that I completed my assigned virtual run on Sunday morning. It was probably around 10K total but there were a lot of stops and starts. I kept running into people that I only previously knew in cyberspace and stopping to chat. I was at the 2nd Annual NYC BR, along with a number of other Collective people. And everyone that wasn't in the Collective was smiling too so it was really fun. There was just something about being among hundreds of people that all "get it" about barefoot and minimalist running. You HAD to smile.

Unfortunately I don't have a photo of me so I guess you'll have to trust me that I was there and ran or maybe one of the other Smileys will vouch for me. But I do have some photos of some of the other Collective members that I thought I'd share. See below.

In addition, I'm putting together a video/slideshow with a lot more content from the NYC event, including some rare footage of Barefoot Ken Bob and Barefoot Ted doing the hula. It will be on my blog in a day or two.

Finally, for any of you that were interested in the t-shirt I was wearing on Sunday I put it up on CafePress here.


  1. Dude!! Those are great shots! You are so right. It was hard NOT to smile that day. So glad you got to be there. It was such an amazing experience. And that's so cool you got one of Kate and I running since the beginning of our first lap started as a trip to the loo. Ha! We didn't get to run with anyone else.

  2. looks like an awesome time! Wish i could have been there!

  3. I'll vouch you were there -- sorry you missed the group photo! Though you did manage to take two great pictures of me: the one where I'm scowling like a super-villain, and a great back shot of the tutu :)

    It was great meeting you; we'll have to hook up for a run sometime.